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CLBO - Cesium Lithium Borate

CLBO is  crystal of choice for harmonic generation in the UV range with a transmission cut-off edge reaching 180 nm. Compared to BBO it features larger spectral and better angle tolerance etc.



We offer:

♦ Size and angle can be customized

♦ Coating can be made according to customer requirements

♦ High quality with quality assurance

Note: CLBO is easy to deliquescence, please use and store it in a dry environment.

Main features:                                                                                                 

♦ Large receiving angle, small discrete angle                                                                

♦ Maximum FOHG and FIHG conversion efficiencies of Nd doped laser;                   

♦ Effective nonlinear optical coefficient (about twice the KDP)                                    

♦ Due to the short growth period, large-sized crystals can be grown                             

♦ The conversion efficiency of the quadruple frequency and the frequency quintuple of the Nd:YAG laser is high                            

♦ VUV light output at 193 nm can be obtained by phase matching    

Typical applications:   

♦ All-solid-state UV laser

♦ Semiconductor inspection

♦ Optical Parametric Oscillator

♦ PCB drilling


Transparency curve of CLBO


     Refractive index dispersion


Variation of Phase Matching Angle with Fundamental Wavelength for Types I and II


Crystal Structure and Physical Properties

Argument Name

Values and Ranges

Crystal structure

Tetragonal, Space group Ⅰ

Crystal parameters

a=b=10.494 Å,c=8.939 Å



Melting point

About 844.5℃


Standard Size

Product No.Size(mm)θ(°)Φ(°)CoatingApplication
CLBO-401A4 × 4 × 1061.545AR/AR @ 532 + 266 nmSHG@532 nm, Type 1
CLBO-501A× 5 × 861.545AR/AR @ 532 + 266 nmSHG@532 nm, Type 1

Note: All sizes can be customized, welcome to consult.

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