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Nd:YVO4 - Neodymium Doped Yttrium Orthovanadate

Nd:YVO4 is a laser crystal widely used in solid-state lasers due to its excellent properties, such as high absorption, high gain, and low threshold. It is a neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate crystal, which exhibits a large stimulated emission cross-section and broad absorption bandwidth. Nd:YVO4 crystal has high efficiency, low threshold, and can produce high output power. Overall, Nd:YVO4 crystal is an excellent laser material for various industrial and scientific applications.



Main features:                                                                          

♦ Better optical and physical properties                                                

♦ High absorption coefficient                                                                 

♦ Low Stimulated Damage Threshold, High Slope Efficiency           

♦ Uniaxial crystal, the output is linearly polarized                               

♦ The stimulated emission cross section at 1064 nm is 3 times that of Nd:YAG

♦ Pump bandwidth around 808 nm, about 5 times that of Nd:YAG

We offer:

♦ Different sizes, different concentrations and frequency doubling crystals can be customized

♦ Provide professional services

♦ High quality quality assurance

Absorption and emission curves of   YVO4



Technical Parameters

Argument Name

Values and Ranges

Size tolerance

(W ± 0.1 mm)x(H ± 0.1 mm)x(L + 0.2/-0.1 mm)(L< 2.5 mm)

(W ± 0.1 mm)x(H ± 0.1 mm)x(L + 0.5/-0.1 mm)(L≥ 2.5 mm)

Dimension tolerance

< ± 0.5°

Clear aperture





λ/8@633nmλ/4@633nmThickness less than 2 mm

Wavefront distortion

< λ/4@633nm


< 20 arc sec


arc min

Anti-reflection membrane system

AR Coating 1064 nmR < 0.2%,

HR coating:1064 nm R > 99.8%808 nm T > 95%

Quality warranty period

1 year (with normal use)

Crystal Structure and Physical Properties

Argument Name

Values and Ranges

Emission wavelength

1064 nm1342 nm

Thermal light coefficient300K

dno/dT=8.5 × 10-6/K ;dne/dT=2.9 × 10-6/K

Exposure cross-section

25 × 10-19cm2 @ 1064nm

Fluorescence lifetime

90 μs(1%)

Absorption coefficient

31.4 cm-1 @ 810nm

Intrinsic loss

0.02 cm-1 @ 1064nm

Gain bandwidth

0.96 nm @ 1064nm

Polarized laser radiation

π polarization; parallel to optical axis (c-axis)

Diode pumping photo-optical efficiency

> 60%

Sellmeier equation

no2=3.77834 + 0.069736/(λ2 - 0.04724) - 0.010813λ2

ne2=4.59905 + 0.110534/(λ2- 0.04813) - 0.012676λ2


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